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I would describe my art as a mix of realism and minimalism in black and white. 
My style of painting is something that I didn’t consciously develop.
I just paint and let the painting take form without interfering too much. In the same way I let the meaning behind my work come to me intuitively over time.

With my art I want to convey female strength and confidence. Growing up I was a very shy and insecure person, I used to feel like
I wasn’t as good or worthy as other people. In hindsight this is a very sad way to live life. During my art journey I not only developed my artistic abilities and my own unique style of painting but I also discovered the strength and confidence in myself. I realized that no one other than me get to decide how I should live my life.

Previous Exhibitions & Publications

Artist Arena’s Opening exhibition in Stockholm Sweden - June 2022

Orizzoni Trasversali – Milan Italy & Fuerteventura Spain M.A.D.S Gallery – July/August 2022

Venice International Art Fair 15th edition - September 2022

Nordic Art Guide 2023

Opening Exnibition Galleri Kaktus October 2023


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